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"Flower" is in Linnanfältti area, close to the Turku castle.

year: 2021

material: powder-coated steel and LED

dimensions: height 5,3 m

address: Amiraalistonkatu 14, 20100 Turku, Finland

"Knot" is located by the apartment house Turun Clipper.

year: 2020

material: powder-coated stainless steel

dimensions: height 5,5 m

address: Eerik Pommerilaisen Ranta 14, 20810 Turku, Finland


"Arches" was commissioned by the city of Raisio and Eero Rantanen foundation. Each of three arches has a LED strip underneath.

year: 2020

material: stainless steel and LED

dimensions: 7 x 4 m, height 4,5 m

address: Nallinkatu 2, 21200 Raisio, Finland

"Poppies" was commissioned by VASO-housing company. "Poppies" consists of five unique sculptures.

year: 2018

material: oxidized steel

height: 5,5 m

address: Suoniityntie 40, 21280 Raisio, Finland

"Abstraction" is on the facade of a seven-storey apartment building "Albertinpiha" in Kangas area in Jyväskylä, Finland. The building was designed by JKMM Architects and constructed by YIT Construction Ltd.

year: 2017

material: glazed bricks, 1593 bricks, 15 different shades

dimensions: approx. 30x30 m

address: Piipputori 5, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

"Off Balance" was commissioned by VASO-housing company. There's not a single 90° angle in the sculpture - hence the name.

year: 2013

material: Corten™

height: 4 m

address: Mäkilänkatu, 20780 Kaarina, Finland

"The Tower and its Buddy" was commissioned by the Helsinki Art Museum and Helsinki City. The sculpture is in Lehtisaari elementary school and kindergarten. It belongs to the HAM collections.

year: 2012

material: Corten™

height: 6 m

address: Papinpöydänkuja 10, 00340 Helsinki, Finland

"Clouds" is situated by the river Aura at the very center of Turku, Finland. It was commissioned by Salmela corporation.

year: 2006

material: Acid resistant steel

height: 5,5 m

address: Ursininkatu 1, 20100 Turku, Finland

"Sampo" is in the hallway of Finnish Literature Societys main building in Hallituskatu 1, 00171 Helsinki, Finland.

year: 2002

material: heat treated wood

address: Hallituskatu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

The Artists' Association of Finland had its 150th anniversary in 2014.

"Dot" is one of the six official anniversary stamps.

year of publication: 2015

Accessible Finland -prize "road" is awarded every second year. Prize is granted by The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, Building Information Group and Finnish Association of Architects SAFA. On the top of the sculpture there is the word "road" written in Braille ("tie" in Finnish).

material: wood, brass

year: 2015

"Path" was commissioned by Finnish Academy. It is an award sculpture for aspiring scientists.

material: patinated bronze

year: 2003

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